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        SAST Satellite Platform

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        SAST 1000 Platform

          Based on mature technology and high reliability, platform SAST 1000 has advantaged of high attitude control accuracy, orbit maneuverability, good payload adaptability and expandability. With the excellent capability of remote sensing, data collection, telecommunication and science test, the platform can be used for LEO, MEO, and HEO missions. 11 satellites based on SAST1000 have been sent into orbit and kept stable operation, the longest service time has been over 4,000 days.

        Main Specifications of SAST1000

        Item Capability
        Dry Mass 300~800kg
        Dimensions 1500mm×1500 mm×1200mm
        Payload Mass 400~700kg
        Payload Power Consumption 300~500W
        Propellant Monopropellant
        Propellant Mass 50~200kg
        Design Lifetime 5 Years