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        CGWIC Successfully Launches 8 Secondary Satellites 2021-10-14
        CGWIC attends the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2021-09-29
        CGWIC Successfully Launches BEIJING-3 as Main Satellite and HISEA-2, YANGWANG-1 & TKSY01-TJ as Secondary Satellites by LM-2D Launch Vehicle 2021-06-11
        CGWIC Successfully Performs Its First “Long March Express” Commercial Rideshare Mission by Using Long March-6 Launch Vehicle ——QILU-1, QILU-4 and FOSHAN-1 Satellites and 6 Secondary Payloads launched 2021-04-27
        CGWIC Successfully Launches Four Satellites aboard Long March-8 Maiden Flight 2020-12-22
        CGWIC Signs APSTAR-6E Satellite Contract 2020-11-12
        CGWIC Successfully Launched 10 NewSat Satellites, MN50-3, TY20 and BY70-3 2020-11-06
        CGWIC successfully launched JILIN-1KF01, NewSat-7, NewSat-8 and TIANQI-2-03 2020-01-15
        CGWIC Successfully Launched ICE-PATHFINDER and Taurus-1 2019-09-12
        CGWIC to Provide Gateway RF Front-End System for New Indonesian High-Throughput Satellite 2019-09-06
        China Displays Cutting-edge Space Technology at Paris 2019-06-17
        CGWIC Signs Agreement with Satellogic to Launch Earth Observation Constellation of 90 Satellites 2019-01-15
        LM-2D launched SaudiSat 5A & SaudiSat 5B successfully 2018-12-07
        Belarus State University Appreciates CGWIC for BSUSat-1's Successful Launch 2018-11-15
        CGWIC Launches Brand-New Full –Electric Propulsion Small Communication Satellite Platform for Customers 2018-11-06
        CGWIC and China Siwei Signed the Contract of the Superview-1 Satellite Data Overseas Marketing 2018-11-06
        LM-2C Successfully Launched CFOSAT; CGWIC Successfully Launched Piggyback Satellites 2018-10-28
        The Successful Launch of PRSS-1/PakTES-1A/LM-2C/SMA MISSION 2018-07-09
        CGWIC Successfully Launched Luojia 1-01 Piggyback Satellite 2018-06-04
        LM-4C Conduct CE-4 Lunar Exploration Mission Launch CGWIC Successfully Launched KLCP Payload in the Mission 2018-05-22
        LM-3B Successfully Launches APSTAR-6C Satellite 2018-05-04
        Alcomsat-1 Satellite Delivered to Algeria 2018-04-02
        LM-3B Successfully Launches Two BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellites 2018-03-30
        LM-2D Successfully Launches Land Exploration Satellite-04 2018-03-17
        LM-2D Launch Vehicle Successfully Launched Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite CGWIC Successfully Launched Six Piggyback Satellites for International and Domestic Customers 2018-02-02
        LM-11 Conducted Its 1st Launch for The New Year.CGWIC Successfully Launched Canadian "KIPP" Cubesat 2018-01-19
        CGWIC and Royal Group Signed a Framwork Agreement of TECHO 1 Communications Satellite Project 2018-01-11
        CGWIC Successfully Launches Two SuperView-1 Satellites in 2018 2018-01-09
        Alcomsat-1 Communications Satellite Successfully Positioned 2017-12-19
        LM-3B Launches Alcomsat-1Satellite for Algeria Successfully 2017-12-11
        MOU of "Joint construct HONGYAN-SAT Constellation" project has been signed by Beijing Tengyuxinwei Technology Co., Ltd. and Thailand Kasetsart University 2017-11-27
        China Successfully Launches Three Commercial Remote Sensing Satellites 2017-11-21
        LM-2D Successfully Launches VRSS-2 Satellite 2017-10-09
        LM-2C successfully launches Yaogan-30 01 satellites 2017-09-29
        CGWIC Signs Launch Services Contract to Launch Cubesat 2017-08-04
        CGWIC Participates in the Paris Airshow 2017 2017-06-19
        CASC' Announcement About Chinasat-9A 2017-06-19
        LM-4B Launch Vehicle Successfully Launched Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope and Three Piggyback Satellites: NewSat-3 and Orbita OVS-1A&1B 2017-06-15
        Introduction of Hongyan Sat Constellation and other International Space application projects on Global Space Exploration Conference 2017 by CGWIC 2017-06-11
        LM-7 successfully launches China's first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 2017-04-20
        LM-3B successfully launches SJ-13/Chinasat-16 HTS Satellite 2017-04-12
        The first images and data from Fengyun-4 satellite released 2017-02-27
        Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft plans to be launched as early as mid-April 2017-02-14
        LM-3B Successfully Launches Telecommunication Technology Test Satellite 2017-01-06
        China issues white paper on space activities 2016-12-28
        China launches satellite to monitor global carbon emissions 2016-12-22
        Chinese volunteers return after 180 days in "space" 2016-12-15
        China launches new-generation weather satellite 2016-12-11
        China develops non-toxic propulsion for orbiting satellites 2016-12-07
        China successfully launches Tianlian I-04 satellite 2016-11-23
        Tiangong-2 and Shenzhou-11 mission announced a success 2016-11-18
        CGWIC Successfully Launched a NanoSat by Piggyback aboard LM-11 Launch Vehicle 2016-11-10
        CASC Chairman Mr. Lei Fanpei: The success maiden flight of Long March 5 is an important milestone for China to build its Major Space Power. 2016-11-08
        China successfully launches new generation heavy-lifting launch vehicle:Long March-5 2016-11-04
        APSTAR-6D Satellite contract and letter of intent of procurement of Global High-throughput Satellite Communication System have signed in Airshow Zhuhai 2016 2016-11-01
        CGWIC entered into Satellite Procurement Contract with Thaicom's Subsidiary 2016-10-27
        China successfully launches Shenzhou-11 manned spaceship 2016-10-17
        ABE awarded as Newcomer Operator of the Year for Excellence in TKSAT-1 Communication Satellite Management 2016-09-28
        China successfully launches Tiangong-2 2016-09-18
        Tiangong-2 and LM-2F launch vehicle moved to launch tower 2016-09-09
        Long March-5 Launch Vehicle Arrived in Hainan 2016-09-02
        China's largest launch vehicle Long March-5 shipped to Hainan 2016-08-29
        China released microwave remote sensing images of Gaofen-3 2016-08-26
        China unveils Mars probe, rover for ambitious 2020 mission 2016-08-24
        CGWIC Successfully Launched a Spanish 6U Cubesat by Piggyback aboard LM-2D Launch Vehicle 2016-08-16
        China successfully launched the world's first quantum satellite 2016-08-16
        China launches hi-res SAR imaging satellite 2016-08-10
        China launches first mobile telecom satellite 2016-08-08
        Two LM-2F launch vehicles Shipped to Jiuquan 2016-08-04
        The Construction of China's First High Throughput Broadband Satellite Telecommunications System Kicked Off 2016-07-25
        CASC Tianjin Large Spacecraft AIT Center Completed Construction 2016-07-20
        China to launch second space lab Tiangong-2 in September 2016-07-12
        China Successfully Launches Shijian-16 (02) Satellite 2016-07-01
        China launches new Long March -7 rocket 2016-06-27
        The company participated Exhibition "40 Years of Relationship between Thailand & China: From Culture & Commerce to Technology & Innovation" 2016-06-17
        White Paper: China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System 2016-06-17
        ZY-III 02 Satellite Beams Back First Batch of Images 2016-06-13
        China to Draft First Space Law 2016-06-12
        China Pavilion Presented Again In Interzoo, The Most Famous Global Pet Supplies Exhibition 2016-06-03
        Satellogic NewSat-1 & 2 are Successfully Launched as Piggyback aboard LM-4B Launch Vehicle 2016-06-01
        The Project of Cambodia Biomass Power Generation of CGWEI has been Officially Put Into Operation 2016-05-10
        China Successfully Launches the BELINTERSAT-1 Communications Satellite 2016-01-20
        China Successfully Launches the LAOSAT-1 Communications Satellite 2015-12-08
        CGWIC and APT Satellite Signs APSTAR-6C Satellite Contract 2015-10-20
        China Successfully Launches the APSTAR-9 Communications Satellite for APT Satellite Company Limited 2015-10-20
        BRITE-PL "Heweliusz" Satellite of Poland Successfully Launched as Piggyback aboard a Chinese LM-4B Launch Vehicle 2014-08-20